At UK National Bird Couriers we pride ourselves in the quality of transportation and the care of the birds we carry.

Ventilation and Temperture Control

The payload compartment on our vans have a constant flow of fresh air from outside. Temperature is monitored and controled to the optimun, seperate from the driving compartment in the van. Therefore giving the birds a healthy and comfortable payload area ideally suited to them.

Travel Boxes

All of our travel boxes are constructed from sturdy plastic they are well ventilated and blackout boxes to help reduce the stress of the bird. The boxes are also designed to be cleaned and sanitised easily to reduce infection and disease. The boxes are secured firmly in the payload compartment during transit.

Sound Proofing

To enhance the birds traveling experience and to assist in reducing their stress the payload area of the van has been specifically sound proofed. This sound proofing reduces road noise transmitting up through the chassie as well as reducing the noise from wind rush moving over the body of the van.



Single Use Travel Boxes 

For the first time traveling bird we carry an array of disposable cardboard boxes for transit. These boxes allow easy containment of the young bird and the right size box is selected for the bird so that it is confined without injuring itself. At the end of the journey the travel box can be cut open to free the bird and reduce it's stress.